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When I first decided to make this Vino Italiano Wine Kit, I had an idea in my head what I wanted.   As part of my research and development, I tried a few commercial barolo wines, some as much as $75 a bottle, over the years.  While I liked the intensity of the barolo wines that I tried, the level of oak in each one was way too much for my liking.  So, I knew that if I was to make a barolo wine kit, that I would be sure to limit the addition of oak to the wine.

Vino Italiano Wine Kit - Nebbiolo Grape

The Nebbiolo Grape

I have heard that Barolo is said to be “The Wine Of Kings – The King Of Wines.”  It is a wine that comes from the Piedmont region of Italy.   The grape used to produce Barolo is the Nebbiolo.  Some people consider it the very best Italian wine ever produced.

I thought it would be interesting to make a barolo from both ends of the spectrum of wine kits.  I decided to make a Vino Italiano Wine Kit for my “Low End Kit” and the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo for the “High End Kit”.  I wanted to see the results of applying my Vino Italiano Wine Kit Modifications to this kit and how it would compare to the Eclipse kit.

I have to say that for a low end kit, the Barolo Vino Italiano Wine Kit far exceeded my expectations, which I already had pretty high expectations to begin with.   For a $40 wine kit, all I can say is wow!   This Barolo is now officially my favorite Vino Italiano Wine Kit.   I would highly recommend getting it if you like nice Italian style dry wines.

You can see me make this Barolo Vino Italiano Wine Kit from start to finish on my YouTube channel.

To start off with, I made this kit to 5 gallons, instead of 6.  This helps produce a wine with much more body, as well as a higher alcohol level.   The other thing I did was to add oak, both in the form of toasted oak sawdust and cubes.

While I don’t care for an excessive amount of oak, I believe that the wines benefit from some oak.   While I don’t use oak barrels, I add some oak to the wine as I am making it.   I added the toasted oak sawdust to the primary fermentation and the oak cubes to the secondary fermentation.   All of the details of exactly how I did this can be seen on my videos that I have embedded in this page.

Vino Italiano Wine Kit - Barolo Wine

Barolo Wine

The final outcome of this wine is amazing.   I absolutely love this wine.   It actually tastes good at bottling, so I can only imagine how it will taste with some aging.   I would have to say that if you are on the fence thinking about getting a Vino Italiano Wine Kit and you like Italian Reds, then get this one.   I prefer it to the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico.  The Tuscany Rosso Magnifico is a little more fruit foward while this Barolo is a bit more intense.   I think both are excellent, but the Barolo is now my new favorite.

Soon, I will be finishing up the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo.  I have even higher hopes for that wine, but I have to say that the Barolo Vino Italiano Wine Kit has raised the bar in this competition.

2 thoughts on “Vino Italiano Wine Kit Barolo Review

  1. Hey Prince. I have really been inspired by you and your winemaking. I have made some cheap kits into some really good wines with your help. Just wanted to comment on this since I just tried my Vino Barolo after 1 year in bottle. I have to say, it is fantastic, thanks to your help. I am so depressed that they do not make them anymore. Wondered if you could recommend another cheaper Barolo kit. I love this style of wine. I wanted to do Fontana, but they are out of stock again. Anything else you really like. Thanks.

    • Thanks, John for your kind words..

      I just bought another Eclipse Barolo… Kind of expensive… The Fontana is great, but the do go in and out of stock…
      I am doing some…uh… Research… as Barolo is one of my very most favorite wines… So, stay tuned as I get a few to try out…

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