Paklab Wine Kits

Alternatives to Paklab Wine Kits

The Canadian Wine Kit manufacturer, Paklab, is officially out of business.  They were the company that made the popular Vino Italiano, Onyx, Reserve Du Chateau, Vinoit and several other line of Paklab wine kits.  Their 50,000 Square Foot plant has been liquidated in a 2 day auction.

PakLab Wine Kits RIP

PakLab Wine Kits RIP

I really liked these Paklab wine kits because they were very reasonably priced, yet they made a pretty nice wine if you followed my tweaks.   They were an excellent way to get started in the hobby of wine making.   In addition, these Paklab wine kits were great low end kits that I made to drink as my “House Wine”, while waiting for my other higher end wines to age.

As many of you know, I have made quite a few videos on how to make several of these PakLab wine kits, primarily from the Vino Italiano and Reserve Du Chateau lines.   While these are no longer available, I have found some similarly priced wine kits that are, in my opinion, even better than the PakLab wine kits.

The new low priced wine kits that I am really excited about are the Fontana Premium Wine Kits.   These kits cost around $40 US shipped and, if you follow my tweaks, will make a wine that I believe to be even better than the Paklab wine kits I previously made.

So, if you are looking for my latest recommendations for Low Price Wine Kits that can actually produce excellent wines, here you go:

Fontana Premium Red Wine Kits

Fontana Merlot
Fontana Cabernet Sauvignon
Fontana Malbec
Fontana Pinot Noir
Fontana Shiraz

Fontana Premium White Wine Kits

Fontana Pinot Grigio
Fontana Chardonnay

Like the PakLab wine kits, these particular Fontana wine kits are Ideal to “Play Around” with, as they are so inexpensive there is little to loose.   I think when people make their first wines, they need to have a successful outcome from the first time they try, so that they wish to continue to make wine.   That is why I make my videos and have a blog.

While I am sad to see the PakLab Wine Kits go, I do hope that you give these alternatives a try.   I think you will be even more pleased with the results.