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Tuscany Rosso Magnifico

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This wine ingredient kit is an excellent place to start making homemade wine.   It is an Italian style red wine, that is tastes to me like a cross between a Chianti, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon, though it has a style all of its own.

I have made a video series on making this wine and I will embed the videos in order here, so that you can see what you will need to make the Vino Italiano Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.  As you will see, it is easy to do, but you will need some equipment first.   I wrote a post on what equipment is necessary to have on hand, and you can read this post on Wine Making Supplies.

Most of the time when making homemade wine from wine kits, you can just follow the directions exactly. Especially if you are just starting out as a newbie. You can get a delicious wine for an end product.  After you have a few wine kits under your belt, then feel free to modify them to your liking.   An exception for this is the Vino Italiano Kits, made by Paklab.  At the very least, I would make them to 5 gallons, instead of 6.   Please refer to my other post on modifications to Vino Italiano Wine Kits for ideas and more precise details.

The Vino Italiano Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit is a very popular Italian style red wine kit.   If you are looking to make a dry red wine, this is a pretty good place to start.   It is similar to a Chianti, with a little bit of plum and cherry notes.  Some folks have actually won medals in amateur wine making contests by modifying this Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.

The Vino Italiano Tuscany Rosso Magnifico Wine Kit can be found here.


For your entertainment pleasure, I made this wine kit in a video series on YouTube.  I will post them all in order here, so that you can see the complete process for making wine from start to finish.  Before you start, you will want to review the equipment you will need to make wine by checking out my Wine Making Supplies article.

The first video is where I am opening the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.  This particular wine ingredient kit includes Grape Juice Concentrate, Yeast, Metabisulphite, Bentonite,  a Kieselsol and Chitosan Clearing Pack (which I don’t use), Corks and Labels.  Vino Italiano wine kits are made by a Canadian company named PakLab.   PakLab wine kits are the only ones I have seen that included wine corks.


In the next video on making the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit, I am starting to make the wine.   This phase is called Primary Fermentation.  Here, I am adding the Bentonite to some hot water and stirring vigorously.   Add the Bentonite Slowly!  Then, I am adding the Grape Juice Concentrate and water.   I recommend that if you don’t have good quality water where you live, use bottled water.  The quality of the water will impact the end result of the wine you make.

It is important to stir well after adding the water to the concentrate.   You need to really stir well, since the concentrate is of a much higher viscosity then the water.   It needs to be consistently well mixed into a uniform grape juice.

When mixed well and the temperature is around 75F degrees, it is time to pour the yeast on top of the grape juice.  This is the magic moment when grape juice, which is called must, into wine.

The next video in our wine making adventure with the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit, I am transferring the wine from the primary fermentor into the secondary fermentor.   I use a glass carboy for the secondary fermentor.   I am also adding some oak to simulate the flavor of the wine aging in an oak barrel.   I am going to let the wine sit now, to finish fermentation until it is completely dry.

Now, we are ready for Degassing and Clearing.  When yeast eats the sugar and converts it into alcohol, it also gives off CO2.   This gas needs to be stirred out of the wine, since the wine I am making is flat, as is most wines.   You will see that I am using a mix-stir drill mounted device to do this.

After stirring out the bubbles of CO2, the next step is to add a clarifier.   The wine kit comes with a Chitosan clearing pack that I choose not to use.   The reason for this is that the Chitosan is a Shell Fish derivative.  People that I often share wine with are allergic to Shellfish.   Instead, I use a product called Sparkoloid.   You will see how I use it in this video.

Here we are, the last step in our wine making adventure with the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.  In this video, I am transferring off of the sediment after the clearing phase of the winemaking. Transferring is also refereed to racking in wine maker’s speak.   Of course, who could resist a taste of the wine.    Notice in the video how clear the wine is.  The sparkoloid does a great job clearing the wine.

There you have the complete process in making wine, with the Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.   Wasn’t it easy!  Like I always say, anyone can do this.  You can get excellent results the very first time, if you do exactly what I did.

I sure hope you enjoyed this wine making adventure with the Vino Italiano Tuscany Rosso Magnifico wine kit.   If you give this kit a shot, please let me know about your results.

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