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Wine Expert

It is no wonder that if you search for Wine Expert, the first thing that comes up is for the leading manufacturer of wine kits, Winexpert. Winexpert is the world’s leading manufacturers of winemaking kits. I have had the pleasure of making several wine kit from Winexpert and I have to say that they are among my favorite of the high end kits on the market.  In fact, at the time of this writing, I am making a Winexpert Eclipse Italian Barolo wine kit.

Winexpert began over 20 years ago, when the company was called Brew King. Brew King developed the first of what would become modern wine making kits. They used premium grape concentrates from the world’s greatest wine making vineyards. At that time, Brew King had their premium line of wine making kits, called Selection, and a lower level line called Vintners Reserve. Both of these lines are still around today.

Brew King was purchased by another company, called Andres Wines. Around 2003, the name was changed to Winexpert. Over the past 20 years, the company has innovated as they have grown.

Tim Vandergrift is the leading Wine Expert , uh… Technical Services Manager, at Winexpert. Just doing a search for Winexpert on YouTube, and you are sure to find him. In fact, the very first time I saw Tim, a guy at a homebrew shop sold me a DVD Introduction to kit winemaking that Tim made. I have to say that DVD got me started.

UPDATE:  As of Jan 2014, Tim is no longer with Winexpert.   I would say to keep looking out for him.  Tim is nothing short of spectacular and I am sure whatever company is blessed to have him would benefit by his genius.  Where ever he ends up, I will be excited to try his wine kits.

The Canadian based company makes some of the best wine kits today, including the Eclipse line. You can watch me making Winexpert’s Eclipse Borolo wine kit on my YouTube channel. Most of these Eclipse wine making kits come with a grape pack that gets added to the Primary Fermentation. This adds body and flavor to the wine.

Wine Expert

Limited Edition Wine Kits by Winexpert

Every year, the company’s wine experts produce a Limited Edition series that is only available through special order. These wine kits get unveiled each year, and shipped at specific months over the year. Generally, they make four or five different kits a year that are limited edition and they come from the four corners of the world. Some of them red wines and others are white wines. I am excited each year to see what is coming out, and many times, I order a few of them. You can read about the 2013 kits here:

When talking to many home winemakers about Winexpert, the thing that keeps coming up is their port wines. There port wines are nothing short of remarkable. One that I am sure to get every year is their Chocolate Raspberry Port. You can see me make that from start to finish on my YouTube channel as well. It is a truly amazing dessert wine.

I choose Winexpert wine ingredient kits for many of what I would call my premium wines. You can easily become a Wine Expert by making these kits.

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