Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit Review

Upon writing my review of the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo wine kit, I remember a few years back, when Tim Vandergrift, was hinting to us in a wine making forum that the company was soon to release a new and revolutionary series of wine kits.  Tim, at that time, was the Technical Services Manager at Winexpert.  These super secret ultra premium wine kits would “Eclipse” the competition, he said. Ironically, the name of this new series was to become Eclipse!

You can order the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit HERE


The new Winexpert Eclipse series was to be the company’s line of ultra-premium wine kits. The anticipation within the wine making community was great! We all knew that Winexpert made some amazing wine kits, but would the new Eclipse wine kits live up to the hype and air of excitement around them?

Why did I choose the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit?

Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit

Winexpert Eclipse Barolo

Italian Barolo wine has been called the “King of Wines, the Wine of Kings.” In the past, I have had a few very expensive bottles of commercial Barolo wine. I remember that they were entirely too oaky for my tastes, although I liked the flavor of the underlying grape. I thought that I would be able to tailor this wine to my liking quite easily.

Barolo wine is made from the Nebbiolo grape. It is a wine that it produced in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Typically, it takes a long time to age Barolo wine so that it comes into its own. The Winexpert Eclipse kits have a special secret process that strips out the harsh tannins, while leaving behind the smooth tannins from the grapes. This makes it possible to have a delicious drinkable wine in a much shorter period of time. I am not sure how they do it, but I have heard rumors to the use of magnets to pull out the harsh tannins.

When I noticed that there was a Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit and a Vino Italiano Barolo Wine Kit, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to make both of these wine kits at the same time. I thought I would call it Barolo Wars, or something like that…  Do a Star Wars theme….

Now, I knew that the Vino Italiano wine kit would not be equal to the Winexpert in quality. That is an un-realistic expectation, as the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit costs two to three times the amount of the Vino Italiano. But, I wanted to see how much of a difference there was in the finished wine between the two wine kits.

I love doing research like this! It is so much fun! So, my findings were that the Vino Italiano Barolo wine kit was fantastic for what it is! I will definitely order another one or, uhhh five kits. But, the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo was truly one of the very best wines I have ever made or ever tasted for that matter.

I will not only order another Winexpert Eclipse Barolo wine kit, but I am very motivated to try the rest of the Eclipse line. Although it is a considerable investment, I feel it is well worth the money to invest in these ultra-premium wine kits.

Consider this: Let’s say the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit costs you around $170. It sounds like a lot to pay for a wine kit, but if you do the math, it turns out to be under $6 per bottle of wine. The wine you make with this kit I believe will exceed a bottle you could buy commercially for over $75 a bottle. So, I am kind of looking at it as an investment and a very special wine.

You can order the Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit HERE

Winexpert Eclipse Piedmont Barolo Wine Kit Video Series

You can see the entire process of me making this unbelievable wine kit. Every part of my wine making process is there, including why I am doing what I am doing. Like most kits, I deviate from the directions. If you choose to follow the directions to the letter, you will also produce an excellent wine with this wine kit. But, if you want to tailor it and make something custom and special, then check out my process.

I hope you enjoyed watching me make this amazing Winexpert Eclipse Barolo wine kit. I believe this wine kit to be one of the very best. Without reservation, I highly recommend giving it a try.

9 thoughts on “Winexpert Eclipse Barolo Wine Kit Review

  1. Why would you not reorder the eclipse kit again if you say you love it so much? I just purchased this kit and have watched your videos on YouTube. I’m looking forward to making this kit.

  2. I have tried 7 of the Eclipse Kits: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir Barolo, all with excellent results. With the Barolo I did a blind test using a $60 store bought Barolo. The three wine tasters picked Winexpert Barolo and were shocked when I revealed the source. They also tried the Cabinet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir with the same results. These kits are the best and well worth the price. Incidentally, you can buy the kits from when on sale for about $104. Plus shipping. For where I am a total of about $140.

  3. Hi, I am readying to make the Eclipse Nebbiolo kit, which I understand is the same kit as the Barolo as you make in these videos. I’d like to ask that since your production date was about May of 2014, now that this wine has some age under it’s belt, what is your opinion of it in terms of quality. You comment on how you feel it will drink in terms of $$, curious your current opinion.


    • This is one of my very most favorite wines… I have a new Nebbiolo kit that I will be making soon.

      What I love about it is it has a dark fruit, like Dark Cherry and Plum note, but a Peach finish..

      I have had commercial Barolo that costs $60 $70 or More… This, in my opinion is better.

  4. I found the Eclipse wines for 109 a kit, and when I bought 8 at one time the shipping was 208 for all of them.. That’s 135 a kit or 4.50 a bottle for a 30 bottle kit… In 2017/18 THATS AWESOME…

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