Fontana Select Crushed Grapes Wine Kit – Malbec with grape skins


Introducing the Fontana Select Crushed Grapes Malbec Wine Kit.

This is an outstanding wine kit that comes actually includes grape skins. Most often seen in Chile and Argentina, and its wines are best when well aged. Malbec has a deep colour, soft silky tannins, and flavours of juicy dark fruit such as plum, currants, cherries, and red berries, with a touch of anise. Malbec is best enjoyed with a hearty dinner on cool evenings.

This wine ingredient kit comes with:

  • 17 Liters of Premium Grape Juice Concentrate
  • A Grape Skins Pack
  • Oak Cubes
  • And All Additional Needed Ingredients, such as Sulfites, Clarifiers, Sorbate, Wine Smoother, etc.

Please understand that these wine kits require additional time to make them into amazing wines.   Since they come with a grape pack, you will need to allow the flavors to mature over time.  Patients is rewarded.   I recommend filtering and bulk aging these wine kits for at least 6 months.   This wine kit will then blow you away with it’s quality. This outstanding wine kit comes with all of the ingredients you need to make 6 gallons of delicious wine. This will provide you with about 30 bottles of finished wine.  Please note that this is a Wine Making Ingredient Kit.   In order to make wine with it, you will need Wine Making Equipment.

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