1 Gallon Wine Kits

My Thoughts On The New 1 Gallon Wine Kits

I have noticed that there has been quite a few 1 gallon wine kits that have been starting to be offered for sale.   These wine kits produce five bottles of wine.   Winexpert makes something like six varieties of these kits currently, as far as I can see.  Each of them is slightly under $30 US.

1 Gallon Wine Kit

1 Gallon Wine Kit

Many people have been writing me to ask about these 1 gallon wine kits and what I think about them.   I am really having a hard time answering this question.   Winexpert does make wonderful wine kits and I have loved every single one that I have made.   I am just having a hard time justifying buying one of these.  I will explain my reasoning and the pros and cons.

Firstly, I am not opposed to making wine in one gallon batches.    I fully recommend doing this if you have a sudden overabundance of fruit.  Let’s say it is strawberry season, and you have an extra 4 or 5 lbs of strawberries that you don’t know what to do with.  Fine!   Make a gallon of strawberry wine…    Dandelion Wine?  Sure!   It is hard and tedious enough to pick enough of just the yellow parts of the flowers for a gallon of Dandelion wine..

Carrot wine is another possibility, too!  If you have a few large bags of Organic Carrots and a Juicer, then why not give a gallon of Carrot wine a try?   Carrot wines take much longer to age, cut you may not want to make more than a gallon.  So, yes!  There are some cases where it makes sense to make a single gallon of wine…

1 Gallon Wine Kits – The Cons

When considering buying a 1 gallon wine kit, however, I have a hard time justifying it for my purposes.    When I think about it, as a person who has made several wine kits before, it would take just about the same amount of work to make a 6 gallon (or a doctored up 5 gallon) wine kit as it would to make a 1 gallon wine kit.  And when you are finished, you only have 5 bottles of wine to show for your efforts, as opposed to 25-30 bottles.

Next, consider the cost.   A 1 Gallon Wine Kit costs around $30 + shipping, but I can get a low end 5 Gallon wine kit for close to the same price that I can doctor up to be a pretty outstanding wine.   In fact, I have been drinking a Merlot wine that I made from one of these low end kits that is really nice.   I may get a 1 gallon Merlot and compare it to a this Merlot that I just made for a comparison…  But, I wonder if it is worth it. Please don’t get me wrong.   I have no doubt the 1 gallon wine kits make a nice wine.   In fact, anything with Winexpert’s name on it is most likely pretty nice.   It just seems like a lot of work for only 5 bottles of wine.   But, that’s me…   I make a lot of wine…

Now, I think there is a place for these new one gallon wine kits.  And here is the Niche where they fit in:

 1 Gallon Wine Kits – The Pros

  • They are much less expensive to ship.
  • They make a great gift for someone who never made wine before.
  • You can get started making wine with minimal equipment.

Check out these 1 Gallon Wine Kits Here

If you want to give someone who likes wine and never made it before, you can conceivably put together one of these 1 gallon wine kits and the equipment to make it and spend under $75 dollars total.   It would be small and light enough to ship, too!

Outside of that, I can’t think of any other reason to purchase these 1 gallon wine kits.   But, that one reason is a really great reason.   It is perfect as a gift for someone who never made wine before, who would probably like to, for under $75 dollars.

While this post is not a review ( since I didn’t actually make one ), I hope it gives you some food for thought and answers some of your questions regarding the new 1 Gallon wine kits that are now being offered.

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