Vinoit Wine Kits

Introducing Paklab’s New
Vinoit Wine Kits

As many of you know, I was a big fan of the Vino Italiano wine kit line.  I was really dissapointed when these wine kits seemed to be out of stock for what seemed like a very long time.   Many of you have watched my wine making videos with me making the Tuscanny Rosso Magnifico wine kit and have emailed me as to how they can get them.   The sad news was that the Vino Italiano line was discontinued, as I wrote in a previous post.

Vinoit Wine Kits

Vinoit Wine Kits

As PakLab promised me in a conversation, they released the Vinoit Wine Kits for sale.   I was so happy to see them for the first time today being offered that I wanted to write a quick post on their release.   There would appear to be only four varieties available currently, but I believe that there will be many more to follow.

At the time of this writing, the Vinoit Wine Kits being offered sell for around $35.96 US, making them the lowest cost wine kit on the market.   I am often asked why I like these low end wine kits.  The reason is simple.   For many folks who want to start to learn how to make wine at home and enter this hobby, the initial costs of getting started may dissuade them.  Even though wine making is a very low cost hobby, there is some initial expense for equipment to get started.    The low cost of these Vinoit Wine Kits is so low that many people think, “What do I have to loose?”

Here is a video I made of the Contents:

The reality is that for around $100, you can buy a wine kit and the basic equipment that you will need to make 25-30 bottles of finished wine.   When you do the math, that is around 4 dollars or less a bottle.   That in itself is an amazing price for a bottle of wine, is it not?   Now, you only need to buy that wine making equipment once and you get to use it over and over again.   Each subsequent Vinoit Wine Kit will produce wine for under $1.50 per bottle!  This make is so inexpensive that it becomes crazy not to give it a try.

Another thing I like about low end kits like these is that they are cheap enough that there is little to loose in experimentation.   What I mean is that while many expensive kits you may not want to risk deviating from the directions, with the Vinoit Wine Kits it takes a lot of the monetary risk out of it.  This allows you to be as creative as you want, producing some great variations and giving you an education in how to make great wine.

I ordered my first one today.   I am so excited and I can’t wait.  If these kits are anything like the Vino Italiano line, I will most probably be making them to 5 gallons instead of 6.   That is fine with me.  I will be able to make that determination when I get it and do some of my tests on the juice that is supplied with these wine kits.

What Are The Vinoit Wine Kit Varieties?

Currently, there are only 4 Vinoit Wine Kits at the time of this writing:

Each of these wine Vinoit wine kits is only 15.5 lbs.   That is similar to the Vino Italiano line of wine kits.  This makes it easy to get the free shipping when I order them.

As you have probably guessed, I have bought the Rosso Magnifico style.   I am awaiting its delivery and I will have a great review and video series for you to check out.   (UPDATE: I received the Vinoit Wine Kit TWO DAYS after ordering it!  YAY!)   If it is anything like the Vino Italiano, I am sure that my modifications to the directions will produce an outstanding wine for the price that I am sure I will enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Vinoit Wine Kits

  1. Hi prince. Thanks for the blog and videos. Any updates on how the Vinoit Mount and Waltzer taste. I was wondering if the Waltzer is sweet, off dry or what. Does it come with F Pac or do you back sweeten. I know the gewurztraminers I have tasted were a bit sweet.

    • Hi John.

      I have to finish up those two kits, and the Grand Cru kit. Unfortunatly, my life has gotten crazy serious right now. I have tasted the Waltzer and it tastes great. I still have to rack and bottle. It is dry since I have fermented it completely. I plan on possibly back sweetening it a tad, similar to how I did the Vino Italiano Riesling. I have not yet tasted the Mount kit, or the Grand Cru.

      None of these kits come with an F-Pack. So, I usually take Organic Sugar and make a Syrup. I wrote an article on my blog on backsweetening. There is also a video on it. That is my method. Works perfect for me every time.

      Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry about the delay in finishing up some of the kits I have going. Just have to get past some stressfull stuff and then I can resume my happy Sicilian life…

      • thanks for your answer. I hope things go better soon. I know the feeling. I hate when life gets in the way of my winemaking. I missed the Waltzer on amazon, have to wait for it to come back. I did get the Verdemmia which is white, but I know nothing about this grape. I heard it is used to make sparkling wine, not sure if I want to try that yet. If you have time, can you comment on the Grand Cru. What is that like, is it white or red, thanks so much for putting all of this out there for us beginners

  2. Greetings, I saw that you have been in contact with the vendor & I was wanting to reach out to paklabs to see if they still have the cornucopia branding and/or other kits that I enjoyed in the past. I cannot locate their website to check. Can you verify their site is gone? and/or pass onto me a phone number? Your help is appreciated!

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