How To Make Homemade Wine – Welcome to my New Site!

How To Make Homemade Wine

Hello and Welcome To My New Website, How To Make Homemade Wine!

Winemaking Is Fun

Welcome To How To Make Homemade Wine

Many of you know me from my popular blog,, or my YouTube Channel.   I have posted a lot of information on Cooking, Wine Making, Herbalism, Gardening and other Homesteading topics.    Since I do make a lot of Homemade Wine, I have decided to put my best Winemaking information into this website.

My hopes for this website, How To Make Homemade Wine, is to create a “Living Multi-Media Book” on winemaking, for winemakers of all levels.  Integrating this book and my YouTube Channel, should make this website a really useful resource that people thinking about getting started in Home Winemaking.  On How To Make Homemade Wine,  I will be reviewing Wine Kits, Wine Juice, Wine Grapes and the equipment used to make wine.   I am so excited to bring this to you and as I learn more, so will you, too.

You will also be able to ask questions and get answers here, too.   Please keep your questions that you post here on the topic of How To Make Homemade Wine.   If you have cooking questions, Herbalism or gardening questions, please ask those on my YouTube Channel, or on other website,   I am trying to keep this website on the single topic of Making Homemade Wine.

So, I look forward to see how this website grows and I am excited to make this into the resource I wish I had, when I started learning how to make homemade wine. Please stay tuned and check back frequently to see how things progress.   Also, if there is a wine kit you would like to see me review, or a wine making product, please let me know…. Perhaps it will reviewed here, and you may see me make that wine on my YouTube Channel, too.

Some of the things to look forward to seeing very soon are:

  • I plan on perhaps buying a bucket of frozen Italian Grape Juice from a local distributor. I will be writing an article on how to make homemade wine with Frozen Pails of Grape Juice.
  • I will be making two Borolo kits side by side.   The first is a low end Vino Italiano Kit and the other is a high end Winexpert Eclipse kit.   I will compare the two wine kits so that you can see the differences and this will hopefully be helpful for you to determine what kit to buy when you learn how to make homemade wine.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first post to my new website.  I hope you are as excited as I am as we learn how to make homemade wine together.

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